Nurture and Grow Your Life’s Garden

When you think of your physical, mental, and emotional health in terms of a spring garden, what does it look like? Is it green and lush, or could it use a little tender loving care? Whether you realize you could de-stress more often, practice compassion, or recharge your workout routine, spring is the perfect time … Continue reading Nurture and Grow Your Life’s Garden

Overcoming Self Doubt

on November 28, 2017 You’ll never be good enough. You can’t do it. Stop wasting your time. That’s the voice inside your head trying to prevent you from success. Think you’re alone? Think again. We often assume that successful, confident people never have any doubts. We believe their decisions come easy and are never accompanied by regrets; … Continue reading Overcoming Self Doubt

Goal Setting

Goal setting Why set goals? Setting goals helps to give your life direction and purpose. It helps to organise your time and resources so you can create the life you want to live.  They help you to focus your energy in a positive direction. How do I get started? A great first step to take … Continue reading Goal Setting

10 Plants You Need To Grow If You’re Suffering From Depression, Stress, Or Anxiety

Just being outside, whether you’re gardening, exercising, or simply taking a stroll, is a great mood booster. But getting your hands dirty in the garden is so effective at combating depression, stress, and anxiety that it’s often used in “horticultural therapy” at psychiatric hospitals.

The un-ritual of tilting: The simple new way to a more balanced life

CRAVING a simpler existence? Frustrated with your phone? What the experts told you was wrong. This is how to really find peace. Tilting: This new life hack has been hailed as they key to a simpler life.Source:istock FOR years women have been sold the idea of work-life balance. And if you look at balance as … Continue reading The un-ritual of tilting: The simple new way to a more balanced life

Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain

Most of our lives we are told not to complain, to “suck it up” or change it if you don’t like it etc. We learn to keep our emotions inside, not necessarily to dwell on them but we push them aside and try not to think about them.   This can, and generally does, result in physical … Continue reading Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain

Food Sensitivities

Have you ever wondered if some of the foods you eat or the supplements you take are helping you to gain better health?  Is your body sensitive to them or are they stressing your body? You can find out without intrusive needles or saliva testing. I conduct 30 minute food and vitamins/supplement testing to give you … Continue reading Food Sensitivities

Anita and Charlotte – Energy, Anxiety and Sleep

When Anita called me a couple of weeks ago, she was ecstatic to have found a Kinesiologist in Ipswich. She booked herself and her daughter in immediately. Anita was looking for a Kinesiologist because she'd been feeling less energetic than usual and wanted to change it. She came in and had a 14 muscle balance* … Continue reading Anita and Charlotte – Energy, Anxiety and Sleep

Are you suffering from Health Issues?

Are you suffering from health issues? There may be a solution for you which does NOT include taking pills, injections or spending time in bed or in hospital. There are six steps to healthy nutrition. They are:

What is Kinesiology?

You can liken the energy flow through your body as water running through a river or electricity running through a circuit line. Now imagine that river has been blocked, be it by beavers or fallen trees; or that the circuit has been broken. This means the water or electricity cannot flow.