Are you looking for a way to have increase flexibility?

Maybe you’re a martial artist, you do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai – or maybe you want to increase your yoga stretches.  You may even want some help being able to sit into that back or front squat – or what about that elusive Snatch!

You can have that.   All you need are a few weekly sessions of Hypertonics!

Hyperton-X is a form of Kinesiology that specialises in 5 main areas, flexibility and sports performance being two of them.  Pain relief and releasing emotional trauma are another two.  The final on is learning difficulties (did you know that stretching actually helps with that!).

By releasing the excess (hyper) tension (tonic) in muscles, Hyperton-X can help find the involved dys-functioning circuits and release the stress on the muscles.

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How it can help in the six areas:


A lot of the time muscles are cramped due to stresses in our day to day lives or because we sit or stand in certain ways for long periods of time.  We also use certain muscles over and over again which in turn makes them hypertonic.  Hyperton-X can help release the tension in the muscles and therefore increase flexibility by using breathing techniques and supported stretching.


To perform in sports the messages to and from our brain must work at a high rate and often under excessive physical stress.  If there are any muscles not performing at their optimum then there is a weakness in the sequence of the movement. This weakness whether it be physical or emotional can be the cause of injury or poor performance.  By stretching and breathing, we can release these and remind the muscles of their strengths.

Pain Relief

A great deal of the pain people suffer (not just sports people) is muscle related. With these simple techniques these pains and strains can be released by returning the muscles to their maximum integrity allowing them to perform correctly. It does not matter how long these pains have existed, they will quickly disappear.


Emotions are a part of everything we do whether we like it or not. These emotions affect our health and performance causing a short circuit effect in our neurology. Hyperton-X allows us to identify and correct the short circuits and imbalances caused by these emotional traumas. This simple technique is painless, quick and effective.

Learning Difficulties / Dyslexia

We all react in different ways to the many tasks we are expected to perform. Some people can’t read or do maths because certain reflexes are not communicating while someone else may have eye strain and another person’s brain may not be integrating at an acceptable level. Maybe a combination of these things along with other dysfunctions are the cause for other individuals. No matter what the dysfunction, any number of muscles may tighten in an over protective state causing short circuits.


Frank Mahony (Photo)
(b.1932, d. 1995) is the founder of Hypertonic-X.