Are you filled with health and vitality?

Are you keeping up with all the demands of your life?

Kinesiology uses a bio-feedback technique called “muscle monitoring” which means testing the integrity of various muscles in your body. This allows me to gather a complete picture of your health from a physical, biochemical, mental/emotional, energetic and spiritual perspective through the mind-body link. Kinesiology is gentle and generally not painful.

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What can you help me with?

Stress and PTSD (1)


So what happens in a session?

When you first come see me, we’ll chat about what’s happened in your life previously and what you would like to achieve from seeing me.  Whether you’re wanting to take away some pain, set some goals, increase your sports performance or just feel happier within yourself – they’re all achievable.

You’ll lay down on my massage table fully clothed (but without shoes) and I’ll begin muscle testing.  We’ll set a goal for the session which I’ll test using both arms because we need to check both sides of your brain are on board…. and then we begin.

Most of the time I’ll use your right arm, either straight up in the air, or bent at the elbow.  I’ll ask questions, and I’ll place my fingertips at certain points on your body.  I’ll more than likely move your arms and legs and sometimes your head.  Please remember this is not a strength test, it’s muscle testing which means I’m testing whether certain things affect you in particular ways.

You may or may not become emotional and that’s ok if you do.  It’s all part of letting go those blocks, letting go of the pain and letting go of the stress.  We use a multitude of tools, sometimes it’s acupressure, sometimes it’s EFT, other times it’s visualisations, or I’m rubbing lymphatic points to release pain and energy that can be stuck inside your body.  The list is infinite and will be specific to you.

We’ll finish the session by rechecking the goal, your pain level or your stress level.

What happens afterwards?

You’ll have some home reinforcement to do which you generally have to do until your next session.  This is not Homework.  It’s Reinforcement of what you’ve done during your Kinesiology session which means it cements it into your muscles, your nervous system and your brain.

During the days following a session, it’s important to drink plenty of water and to be gentle on yourself.  Sometimes you may experience a bit of discomfort whether it’s physical, emotional or mental but it’s ok to feel that way.  It just means that things are changing inside you and that you’ve made a change to your circumstances.  Sometimes you may feel:

  • Heightened sensitivity, feelings of expansiveness, lightness or relief
  • Fluctuations in energy levels may be more extreme, requiring increased time for rest, recuperation and sleep
  • Emotional eruptions such as release (tears) or extreme joy
  • Increased dream activity that is vivid or changes in sleep patterns
  • Increased activity in bodily functions
  • Changes in the way your body feels, walking and sitting

How often do I need to see you?

It’s best to follow up your first session with another 2 – 3 sessions, approximately 1 – 2 weeks apart.