Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain

Most of our lives we are told not to complain, to “suck it up” or change it if you don’t like it etc.

We learn to keep our emotions inside, not necessarily to dwell on them but we push them aside and try not to think about them.   This can, and generally does, result in physical and/or mental illness.

I have done this the majority of my life because it was easier to not acknowledge, to keep it inside.  Because every time I did talk about what I was feeling, I felt guilty and felt that no one was listening, yet I was willing to listen to others.  Can you see the imbalance there?

I have been on my own journey since starting my Kinesiology studies.  This past weekend was very intense learning about Flower Essences and vibrational energy.  As always we have a Balance at the end of the weekend where we practice our skillset and also help each other leave in Balance for the month ahead.  My session with another student was phenomenal.  I released a lot of pent up emotions and therefore allowed the energy (electrical currents if you would like to think of it that way) in my body to run its proper course.  I left School feeling light and ready to conquer anything in my way ❤

My body, through muscle testing, has told me in no uncertain terms, that I must start acknowledging and FEELING my emotions.  No longer am I to shelve them somewhere inside myself and go on as if it’s not happening.


I was put to the test on Sunday evening.  I went out to dinner in the City and in my rush to park so I wouldn’t be late (grrr roadworks!), I didn’t read the parking signs as well as I should have.  We had dinner (Mexican, my favourite) and went back to the car.  When we got there, there was a parking ticket sitting under my windscreen wiper.

I was NOT happy!  I pulled the ticket off, looked at the time and proceeded to be quite verbal about the parking inspector making an error in the time.  I’d only been there 57 minutes and it was an hour parking zone and he’d put the ticket there half an hour earlier!!  How did he give me a ticket when I’d only been there 35 minutes???  I looked at the parking meter reread the parking instructions in my red eyed mood and left the City.

As I drove my date back to his car, I was bubbling inside and doing my normal, cranky thing in my head and then pushed it aside while continuing to be annoyed (normal internal behaviour for me).  Once I’d dropped him off, I started thinking about what had come up during my balance/session earlier in the evening and decided to acknowledge how I was feeling.

Out loud I said:

I’m angry.  I’m angry that I’ve got a parking ticket. I’m angry at the parking inspector for giving me one


I’m angry at myself for not reading the parking instructions properly!”


I’m upset because I cannot afford to be paying parking tickets right now

And finally:

I’m worried about how I’m going to pay the ticket

When I’d run through these emotions, my body and my chest actually felt good.  Normally I would start feeling weighed down with something, less energetic and just plain frustrated and annoyed (and over time I wouldn’t even know why I was feeling that way as I would have forgotten what the problem was).

My mind would have forgotten but my body won’t have!!

Our body holds onto memories that our conscious and even subconscious brains have forgotten or “moved on” from.  These emotions and memories that we hold onto can cause a constant state of elevated stress hormones which the body is not meant to sustain for long periods of time.  We are designed to be in fight or flight mode for short, irregular moments in our lives.


Our immune systems being at constantly elevated levels can result in headaches, cold sores and can cause or flare up pre-existing conditions such as backaches and fibromyalgia (a chronic condition characterized by pain and fatigue).

Pushing our emotions aside, not allowing ourselves to feel or experience them, can cause us to lack self-worth and become anxious and depressed, which can then result in physical illness. The stress of repressed emotions can cause tension in particular parts of the body, causing pain there.

Emotional eating, as a result of stress, can lead to a host of physical ailments, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease; and conditions characterized by the avoidance of emotions include anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders.

If you are experiencing emotional stress disorders such as anxiety or depression and don’t know why; or you have an ache that will not go away no matter what you try, then consider a Kinesiology Session.  During the session we will find out WHAT is causing the stress/depression or pain/ache and what you can do to help it subside or go away altogether.


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One thought on “Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain

  1. Hi, every morning I Wake up feeling terrible like a Ball in my stomach, I am 50years old and a smoker I suffer from stress and anxiety from Joanne


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