Are you suffering from Health Issues?

Are you suffering from health issues? There may be a solution for you which does NOT include taking pills, injections or spending time in bed or in hospital.

There are six steps to healthy nutrition. They are:

Diet: What goes into your mouth…earth-element-kinesiology-ipswich-pain-nutrition-weight-loss-stress

Digestion: The breaking down of food to smaller more usable pieces

Absorption: Absorbing the broken down food nutrients from the intestine to the circulatory system…

Circulation: The nutrients moving to the cells…

Assimilation: The passing of the nutrient through the walls of the cells…

Elimination: What we eliminate via our bowel, urine, skin and breathing…

All six steps are essential to your body using the food you eat to nourish and support your body function.

If you are doing everything you can to feed yourself the right foods and you’re still aren’t feeling energetic and healthy, there may be an issue with one or more of the above steps. This can lead to a variety of health problems from tiredness to illness or even learning difficulties, weight gain, abdominal pain or bloating.

For example, if assimilation is the step that isn’t functioning at it’s best, then your cell walls may have gone hard like old boot leather. This means that not enough nutrients will be able to get through the cell wall and into the cell generator – hence the cells will be unable to make much energy.

As your Kinesiologist, I used muscle testing to find out the stressor and which step may be the issue for you. There may be one or many possibilities involved including emotional, dietary, environmental or other issues. Only your body knows the answer specifically to how it applies to YOU.

If you’d like to know more or find out how Kinesiology can benefit you and your life, call or send me a message via sms 0416 051 509, Facebook message me or email

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Ref: How Kinesiology Works – Danny Liddell

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