Anita and Charlotte – Energy, Anxiety and Sleep

When Anita called me a couple of weeks ago, she was ecstatic to have found a Kinesiologist in Ipswich. She booked herself and her daughter in immediately.

Anita was looking for a Kinesiologist because she’d been feeling less energetic than usual and wanted to change it. She came in and had a 14 muscle balance* with me. By the time she left, her face was bright and her smile was wide. She booked in immediately for her next session.  Anita’s “homework” was to spend 10 minutes on her own every Saturday.


Charlotte was in for a few anxiety issues.

Sometimes we are under the impression that anxiety stems from something that happened or that we simply are feeling over anxious. This is not always the reason. Sometimes anxiety can actually stem from foods we eat. Because the food doesn’t sit well in our body, our body starts feeling anxious as it’s not a food that it “wants” in it.****

I use finger modes** along with the muscle testing to work out what your body requires from you.. Adding and deleting a food came up for Charlotte. We ran through a number of foods and the ones that showed were:
Deleting honey;
Adding green leafy vegetables and dairy in the form of a smoothie

I sent Anita a follow up email with all the information gained through the two balances and then followed up a few days later to check on how they were.

Anita was still feeling incredibly energetic and Charlotte’s anxiety had shown only ONCE.

Anita and Charlotte came back in yesterday for their follow up balances and we went through some other balances that their bodies indicated they needed. Anita is still on cloud nine and Charlotte’s anxiety has disappeared – she has no problems socialising and can sleep in her own room without feeling anxious.
Anita says Charlotte is a completely different child.

We are currently working on Thyroid issues for Anita and have tested for other foods which may or may not be beneficial to Charlotte’s body.

Due to how happy Anita is with the results she and Charlotte have had, I’ll be seeing Anita’s hubby and son shortly 🙂


If you’d like to know more or find out how Kinesiology can benefit you and your life, call or send me a message via sms 0416 051 509, Facebook message me or email

Find me at

*14 muscle balance: 14 muscles (bilaterally) are tested and techniques are applied depending on what the body shows
**finger modes: points on my fingers that indicate to a Kinesiologist which balance your body needs.
**** Please note that the food changes for Charlotte are only her body’s – this does not mean that these changes will be applicable to anyone else – your body’s needs will be different because YOU are different.

*** Permission given from Anita and Charlotte to share their picture and their story **

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