Both the AromaTouch Technique and AromaTouch Hand Technique incorporate a simple hands-on technique with the power of essential oils to create a powerful whole body wellness experience.

What is AromaTouch?

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How does floating on a cloud sound?  That’s how you feel after an AromaTouch.

It’s not a massage, it’s a technique that involves four individual oils and four specific blends – all of which return benefit your body through stress management, immune support and support of your body’s autonomic balance – the balance of your Parasympathetic & Sympathetic nervous systems.

In short, it returns your body to a euphoric state of homeostasis by balancing the body systems and functions – it stimulates your body’s meridians and energy zones.

What to expect

You will lay face down on the massage table with a towel covering you from the waist to the calves.  I will be applying the oils to your back and your feet.

The most profound results are experienced by people in a highly stressed state, or those experiencing chronic pain from illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Back Pain, etc. Expect to experience a deepening and ultimately profound relaxation as the session progresses. Many clients fall asleep and enjoy a restful slumber for the duration of the treatment. ~ 50 minutes

In an AromaTouch Hand Technique session, you will choose an essential oil or blend, which is then applied to your hands along energy meridians and visceral contact points in a repetitive and calming manner. ~ 15 minutes